I fell in love with horses later in life, when my children started riding. However late, it's a deep and abiding love, and it's reciprocated without conditions. I find my interactions with them to be rewarding, energy-filled, and exciting, not to mention challenging and sometimes a bit dangerous!

Now, I get to enjoy being with the 5 (plus one) we have (one of them, Ace, is my very own!), and their pictures and names are at a different website, as well as, soon, some other stuff below, which will be updated as possible.

Ace (Mr Asymmetric)
Ace is my baby, just turned 4, and we are learning together. He's a North American Spotted Draft horse and stands around 15.2 high. He is a beautiful, gentle soul and I love being around and with him.


Button (Chocolate Button)
Button was s a Bay Arabian, around 10 at the start of 2014. She was sparky and fun and learnt some Parelli too. Button left us to a new forever home early in 2014 where she's learning jumping and having great fun. In her place came Marvin (who will be presented below).


Molly (Miss Molly)
Sadly no longer with us, but the first horse I ever really had a relationship with.


Max (Maximus Prime)
Max is fun, lets you know when you get things right and wrong, and is the boss of the herd (actually, he shares that title with Ace now).


Marty is 23, getting on, and having a great time in semi-retirement with us.


Merlin is a wee shetland pony. He's fun and spirited and a real, well, pony…


Moustache Louie
Louie is a 10 year old Belgian, veteran of a sugar bush where he would pull wagons. He's a gentle giant, sometimes forgetting how much of a giant he is! As an aside, he definitely seems to get on better with men than women. Here he is with Ace (Louie is on the left!)


Marvin (the Paranoid Android)
Marvin is 5, a paint, a fantastic mover, and a gentle, curious soul. He comes to you when you're in the field to see what you're up to, is always conscious of his size (unlike Louie!) and is right now happy to be eating grass instead of the hay he had all winter!


More pictures and such will follow…

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