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Steve Marsh is a Trust Scientist and a thought leader in the phenomenon of trust for computational systems. He is an Associate Professor of Trust Systems in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology, University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

His PhD (University of Stirling, 1994) was a seminal work that introduced the first formalisation of the phenomenon of trust (the concept of 'Computational Trust'), and applied it to Multi Agent Systems. As a milestone in trust research, it brought together disparate disciplines and attempted to make sense of a vital phenomenon in human and artificial societies, and is still widely referenced today, being in the top tenth of one percent of Citeseerx's most cited articles in computer science. Steve's current work builds extensively on this model, applying it to network security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, and mobile device security.

His research interests include computational trust, computational wisdom, device comfort, trust management, regret and regret management, and socially adept technologies. He is the Canadian delegate to IFIP Technical Committee 11: Security and Privacy Protection in Information Processing Systems. He has been an adjunct professor at UNB (Computer Science) and Carleton University (Systems and Computer Engineering and Cognitive Science). Steve's Google Scholar page is at

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Steve lives in rural Ontario, Canada with dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep, a pig, chickens and people, all of whom have their own things to teach us about trust.

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