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Removed the twitter handle, as I quit twitter in 2022. Why? Because the person is a nightmare and the site is a reflection.


Who am I? I'm an Associate Professor of Trust Systems, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Faculty of Business and Information Technology. I've been there since July 2012.

Prior to that I worked within the Government of Canada for 17 years, firstly at the National Research Council, Institute for IT, in various groups, as a Research Officer, and then at the Communications Research Centre, as a Research Scientist, in Network Systems and Technologies, Information Security.

My research is focused on bringing human notions to the digital world, primarily information security-related. In specific, I work with trust, regret, forgiveness, comfort, and more recently, wisdom.

The research links to the right with help you with more information.

You could describe my research interests in a list like this: (I can and do talk about each of these, often in the same talks, and will be posting copies of invited talks as I go)

  • Computational Trust
  • Computational Distrust
  • Computational Mistrust
  • Computational Wisdom
  • Mature Technlogies
  • Trust Management
  • Information Security
  • Device Comfort
  • Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies
  • Computational Regret
  • Computational Forgiveness
  • Mobile devices

I like to start things, get people excited about them, and get people to work on them. I like to be in on the early stages of things and enthuse people, I am not that much of a finisher of things, preferring instead to let others go there while I get excited about other things (we all have our strengths!)

I am currently supervising several students at the Masters and PhD level, but if you are seriously interested in working with me, browse my research pages and see if there's something that excites you, and we'll talk!

The best way to contact me is via email: ac.tiou|hsram.nehpets#ac.tiou|hsram.nehpets


How do I work? With a friend, usually…

That's Jessie, and she's my service dog. She is also a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog (goes along with the therapy horses we have!)

Something to remember, from Per Olov Enquist: “One day we shall die. But all the other days we shall be alive.”

MoTE Pets!

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