Trust Systems Research Group

It goes without saying, if you've been paying attention… Trust is vital. It's the root of all humans do. Moreover, I believe it is the only tool left that humans can use properly and reliably (sic) in order to exist on the Internet. (There, I've said it).

The Trust Systems Research Group at UOIT in the Faculty of Business and Information Technology conducts research in all aspects of Trust, most specifically Computational Trust. This includes Device Comfort, Trust Formalisms, Privacy, Soft Security, Annoying Technology and related but yet undiscovered facets of this indispensable phenomenon.

This page will be updated as possible to include research projects, links to students' and faculty members' work, presentations by students and others relevant to or part of this group.

How to become a member? Work with me! Or take the Trust Course I teach :-)

Group Members


Tosan Atele-Williams (PhD)

Andrew Wok (Masters in IT Security)

Mother Hussain (Masters in IT Security)

Previous (and in other places)

Saghar Behrooz

Patricia Persaud

Tracy Ann Kosa

Zeinab Noorian (whilst at UNB)

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